LSH Profile: Kinetix

LSH Member Kinetix

Legionnaire Codename: Kinetix
Real Name: Zoe Saugin
Planet of Origin: Aleph
Height: 5'2" originally.  Currently around 5'8"
Weight: 110lbs originally.  Currently around 125lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red.
Powers: Kinetix posseses the magically-granted ability to manipulate any form of inanimate matter.

History: When Zoe's mother Azra was out on an archeological expedition, she came across an injured woman out in a snowstorm, and used a magical artifact to heal the woman, known as Mysa.  This sharing of mystical energies formed a bond between Mysa and Azra, and with Azra's unborn daughter, Zoe.

This connection went unknown for many years.  Zoe was born, and her brother Thanot, both travelling with their mother on her frequent digs.  Along the way, Zoe found a source of power that gifted her with her telekinetic powers, soon using them to gain acceptance into the Legion of Super Heroes.

While on a later dig, searching for more artifacts to give her power, Zoe discovered the Star of Akkos, which ended up removing her powers, sending Zoe off on another quest simply to regain what she had lost.  Her ship was lost along the way, and her life support soon ran out.  She was saved by an old crone, Mysa, who knew her, but Zoe had never heard of before.  Mysa nursed Zoe back to health, and enlisted her aid to find an ancient artifact, the Emerald Eye.  Mysa granted Zoe her powers back, as well as a new look.

Zoe soon found the Emerald Eye, in the possession of her best friend, Salu Digby, the Legionnaire known as Shrinking Violet.  Violet was corrupted by the Eye's power, and attacked the Legion, taking them over, and ultimately sending half the team into the 20th Century, before disappearing.

Shortly after, the Legionnaires, and their families, attended the funeral of one of the Legion's members, Gim Allon - Leviathan - whom Zoe had a crush on.  On the flight back from Shanghalla, the shuttle that the Saugins and several others were on, was kidnapped by Mysa, and transported to the planet Zarrox.  Mysa stole the power she had granted Zoe, and her connection to the Saugin family was revealed, as well as her manipulations of Zoe.  Feeling remorse, she let the Legionnaires go, and restored Zoe to her former state, powers and all, with the Star of Akkos.

Mysa wasn't out of Kinetix's life for long, however, and soon returned as Violet did, and the threat of Mordru, Mysa's father, reared his head.  The fight was long, and cost the Legionnaires and friends, but they eventually prevailed and stopped the mighty sorcerer.

Zoe then was sent on a team to investigate a strange spatial anomaly, and when she returned, she returned changed.  She was taller, appeared older, and had been mesmerised by the sheer power she perceived in the anomaly.  It took some time before she was brought back to her old mental state.

Soon after, the LSH appeared to lose a large portion of their team, and were officially disbanded by the President of the United Planets.  Zoe went on to enroll in the Science Police, where she served for a little over a year, before being transformed into a Terrorform when the Earth was plunged into evolutionary upheavals.  Zoe's current fate remains unknown.

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